41640 (OSUNA)
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The Clubhouse will have a golf shop, a restaurant and a café, changing rooms, a meeting room, a place to leave clubs and carts, a selling and marketing office and administration offices.
It is a one story building with basement, which can used as a meeting point and a leisure area where players and visitors can spend some free time.

Located in a 21000 m² plot and a built area of 2150 m².
The location has been chosen strategically, in a central and elevated position in respect to the golf course.
Fulfilling a triple function:

- Allowing easy access to holes 1 and 10, the driving range and to facilitate the access to the installations after a round of golf from hole 9 or18.

- Taking advantage of the natural features of the land and the visual quality of the surroundings, giving a spectacular view of the golf course and the landscape.

- Accommodation for spectators in case of tournaments.


The aim is to create a touristic complex associated with the golf course, the hotel facilities are a main aspect in the project as it provides accommodation and leisure for tourists with golfing interests, or interest in any other leisure facets linked with the project.

The proposed plans:


Located between holes 17 and 18, near the clubhouse.
Incorporated in a 31500 m² plot, with a 16000 m² construction.
100 rooms approximately.
The design will match the nature features in which it is located.
A distribution of four rooms per unit (ground and first floor).
Its installation will have a restaurant, hall with reception, meeting room, laundry room and common areas.


Located between holes 11 and 12 of the golf course.
Incorporated in a 27000 m² plot, with a 11000 m² construction
60 rooms approximately
The design will match the nature features in which it is located.
A distribution of four rooms per unit (ground and first floor).


Apartments placed around the entire complex and golf course so families can enjoy their stay.
In accordance with artº 43 y 44 in Andalusia´s Tourism law 13/2011, 23 December, and determined by the principle of exploitation unit, depending on the planned zones to be established.

The touristic accommodation will be in accordance with Chapter III, artº 40 of the law mentioned above.


We have to mention the deep connection with the equestrian culture in the region, in all its forms, being an important part of the tradition, the history and the nature of Andalusia.


Different sectors related to world of tourism will come together in a shopping centre, offering a nicer stay for future visitors.
A suitable service in the touristic complex has also been planned with an area designated to leisure and catering.


As a complement to the touristic complex, the activity promoter has designed the use of the lake and the River Corbones, with its wonderful site and scenery, once awarded the concession, which has been applied for, there will be activities related with sailing, kayaking, etc.

The construction of a small reception and social centre is intended with the creation of a series of floating docks (removable) where boats will dock and the activities will take place.
The complement to the tourist complex is excellent, as it diversifies the offer and stresses on the sport of adventure and nautical sports in the Seville (province) countryside.